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November, 2009:

Ivy Bound Academy’s Read to Race program winners event was held Friday, Nov. 13, 2009. Michael Sweet opened up the seminar with a talk about the opportunities in the motorsports industry, discussing programs and opportunities that include everyone. Julien Penaruiz, a race car driver from Paris, France, who has competed in European open wheel series, rallys, as well as NASCAR and Arca events, talked about his career. The kids loved him! After lunch, we did a Q&A session, then autographs for all. Ms Erica Hill was fabulous, and had everything organized like a swiss watch, or should I say like a Jimmie Johnson championship run!!

Ivy Bound Academy winners photo.

Mike Sweet, Kiumars Arzani, Julien Penaruiz and Erica Hill.

Julien Penaruiz Ivy Bound Academy autograph session.

Non-stop autographs for the kids!

August, 2009:

Read to Race Program Starts Up

Approximately 250 kids at the school are participating, as well as 12 staff members. Below is the log that will be used to track student progress. These logs will be collected in students’ home room every Thursday. On Fridays, the race leaders will be announced and the card on our race track (posted outside the Language Arts room) will be updated.

Ivy Bound Read to Race

Download the above Mileage Log as a Word file or PDF file.


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