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Racing Terms

Can you draft another car on pit road? Should you slow down if you've been black flagged? What happens if you drive in the marbles? You'll find answers to these questions, and others, in this list of common words and phrases used by race car drivers, their teams and the people who manage race tracks.


The angle that a race track is tilted from one side of the track to the other.


Driving behind another racing car very closely at high speed so your car is pulled along by the vacuum caused when the leading car moves through the air.


Little chunks of racing car tires that collect on the outside lanes of the track during a race and can be dangerous to drive on because a car could lose traction and crash.

Pit Crew

Members of a racing car team who work in the pits and change tires, fuel the car, give instructions to the driver and fix problems with the car during pit stops.

Pits, Pit Road, Pit Row

The place where racing cars pull off the race track to change tires, get fuel, or fix problems, usually inside the race track along a straightaway.

Pit Stop

When a racing car pulls off the race track onto pit row for servicing.

Racing Flags

Flags of different colors and patterns that race track officials wave to inform the drivers, other track officials and fans of conditions and situations.

  • Green Flag: Start of a race, qualification or practice, also used for restarts.
  • Yellow Flag: Caution, drivers must slow down and not pass other racing cars.
  • Red Flag: Race has been stopped, drivers must stop their cars.
  • Black Flag: A driver must make a pit stop.
  • Black Flag with White Cross: Waved at a driver who has been disqualified.
  • White Flag: One lap to go in a race.
  • Checkered Flag: Waved as the winning driver crosses the finish line.