The opportunities in the motorsports industry are not limited to becoming a driver, but include a wide range of vocations, including, but not limited to:

Careers in Racing

The Motorsports Institute is designed to provide the educational opportunity, practical experience, training and equipment that will provide all participating students with the tools necessary to secure meaningful employment in the motorsports industry, regardless of race, gender or financial resources.

While various motorsports sanctioning bodies, including NASCAR, have initiated diversity programs, these programs are targeted to teenagers, and are not reaching children at the elementary school level. Today, race teams are signing drivers as young as 15 to driver development programs, so a teenager, without experience, has limited opportunities.

Unlike other sports, motorsports does not require great physical strength, speed or size of its athletes. What motorsports does require is access to a race car. Even at the lowest levels of motorsports, such as Go Kart Racing, the purchase of a Go Kart and the costs to maintain it are out of the reach of many families. The Motorsports Institute will provide young people access and a bridge to the world of motorsports.

What motorsports also provides are life skills and success training that are valuable to any career pursuit. Our goal is that through nurturing talent and aspiration, we can help someone become impassioned about something. Witness the current success of Joe Gibbs, who after years of a professional football career has found new life and enthusiasm in motorsports. The Motorsports Institute will provide young people with access to the wide-eyed world of exciting new career options and the opportunity to explore new territory.


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